Negative Consequences Of Playing Online Games

When it comes to children or adults, Games always bring happiness in their faces. This is because, each one of us undergo a lot of emotions and feelings within ourselves due to problems at work, family issues, relationship problems, financial reasons etc. All this only keeps haunting us till we sort them out. Games keep people equipped and happy thus making them forget their worries for some time. This helps them to refresh their mind and spend the rest of the day contended. The best part is that, playing outdoors energizes the body and mind. We rarely get time to run around and play due to the busy schedule. Spending a little time by just running around with children will help in building the bond between the parents and children. It also makes one feel physically healthy and invigorated.

Playing outdoors increases the social skills. It helps in building social bond with the society, learning exceptional functions and behavioral skills. It is said that children playing outdoors have better distance vision than children playing indoors. Outdoor games add a lot of physical activity to the body. This physical activity is essential to have a great start for stressful life. Running around and playing with kids reduces stress levels. It also has health benefits like increasing the supply of vitamin C to the body thorough the sunlight, preventing the children from future bone related problems, diabetes and even heart attack. It is proved that spending time outside in the green spaces helps in reducing the body stress.

Online games

Online games are a trend today but it has a lot of negative effects. The first negative aspect is that it is an indoor game. Children playing them will rarely move out and sit in the same place for hours together doing nothing but playing. This brings in a lot of diseases like obesity, diabetes at an early age and even eye sight problems. There are some online games which involve money. Games like dadu online, board and card games are played with real money and sometimes this can mislead the children. Children should be allowed to play outdoors and not indoors always. Some video games do involve analyzing and making decisions. These types of games can be played by the children as part of developing their reasoning skills.

Online money games

Online money games sometimes can make the player lose continuously thus making them addictive and lose all his money in a long run. Online gambling and adult games involves money, one of which is dadu online, which is not advisable for children to play.

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