Can an Online Casino Match the Real Thing?

There are many different things that attract different individuals to casinos, both online and off. For some people, it is the thrill and the risk, the unpredictability of the casino, that they find so alluring. For others, the attraction of a casino lies in the actual experience of going there, being around other people, enjoying whatever food and drinks are on offer, with the games themselves taking a back seat.

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Online casinos use a variety of methods to try and capture some of what might be considered the essential aspects of physical casino and transplant them into the digital space. To this end, many online casinos are able to offer gamblers high-quality digital versions of their favorite games, and a growing number have incorporated various social features to allow users to better interact with one another.

But can an online casino ever match up to the real thing? Even if the games are the same and we are able to converse with the other players around our ‘table’, can this experience ever come close to that of an actual casino?


Unless you happen to live right by a casino, an online casino is almost certainly going to be more convenient. Even if you do live near an actual casino, you will still be limited to that casino, whereas all online casinos are just as easy to access for the digital player. Whether you are considering an online casino or a physical one, the internet will provide you with plenty of reviews and first-hand accounts, which you can use to inform your decision of where to gamble.

Now that most of us have smartphones in our pocket and mobile data plans are becoming more generous, playing casino games while on the go is becoming ever more popular. Most online casinos will allow you to play either through an internet browser or by using a specific app.

The Games

Of course, the real test of whether you should consider switching to an online casino is going to be whether the games that you most want to play are available there. The vast majority of casino games have been replicated in the digital format, so online players can expect to enjoy the same card, dice, and slot games that they would find in a regular casino. These games play just as well in the digital environment, but the biggest difference is in competitive games such as poker. Traditionally, a big part of poker lies in reading other people, something which can’t really be done with online versions.

Other Players

The other players that you play with online will mostly be invisible to you. Many online casinos have now added chat and other features that allow some level of interaction and socializing. This is probably the only area where physical casinos have a clear advantage, although some players may well prefer not having to deal with the other people around them.

Online casinos are a convenient and secure way of enjoying the casino experience. They aren’t quite the same as actually being in a casino, but for those who are looking to enjoy a bit of quick gambling during their lunch breaks, they are perfect.

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